About Us

CJ Distribution and Sales is a game changer in the world of distribution. Both a distributor for end-products and raw materials for several industries, we give customers more control than ever before. From plastics, to rubbers, metals, adhesives, and more. We focus solely on you, the customer. We provide you with the products and materials you need, attentive customer support, and all the while, we save you money!

In need of a product you can’t find anywhere else? Or are you simply looking for a more cost-effective solution for a product you are currently utilizing? Give us a try!

We work with you to ensure you receive the exact product you need, at the price you need. Feel free to send competitor quotes on any items, and we’ll do our best to beat those prices! Or simply tell us what you’re currently paying, and we’ll do everything we can to get you the same, or better, quality product at a price that will you save you money! Unlike several price-gouging competitors, or 100% firm-priced competitors, we encourage this!






If you need it, we likely have it! We utilize our unique, always-growing network, which allows for the products we distribute to cover a large range of industries, as well as a large range of brands. Some of our most widely purchased products include:

-Rubber products (gaskets, washers, o-rings, bushings, tubing, and more)

  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • Viton®
  • Silicone, and more

-Metal fasteners, (steel, aluminum, brass, etc.)

Need something custom manufactured? We can help you there as well! We accept custom orders, custom extrusions, cuts, sizes, etc. We try our best to fulfill every need of each of our customers, at a price that saves you money.

Our Products

* Please be sure to ask us about any products not listed. We like to be flexible for our customers, and will look into any and every product to try and save you money, while providing equal or better quality!

Our Team

Call us now at (469) 630-2537

Or E-mail us at Sales@CJDSales.com

We think you'll agree that our customer support is unlike any other! Our personable, friendly staff members truly care and will always be available to assist you with your needs, just as you would expect from a small business.

Punctuality and attentiveness to your needs are key elements of our customer support. Getting you exactly what you need for your company is our top priority.

No more waiting 2-3 days for an initial reply, or weeks of failure to ‘get in touch.’  If we don't answer right away, please leave a message and we'll be sure and get back to you within the hour!

We always strive to ensure that every aspect of working with us is as smooth as possible. We simply care.